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Keystone Country Manor

Use the Old World charm of Keystone's Country Manor to create an appearance of rustic, hand-laid stone walls - rounded and worn by time. With 3 distinct wall block shapes and cap, Country Manor can serve as both as a free-standing, two-sided accent wall and retaining wall. It's strong and easy to install using modular pin technology. The 3 wall block shapes are palletized together - 20 of each shape on every pallet - and sold as 25 sq ft of wall per pallet.


Keystone Country Manor®

Finish: Textured / Ages
Edge: Weathered

6  x  4/6  x  10 
6  x  10/12  x  1025 sf / pallet
6  x  14/16  x  10 
3  x  11/13  x  11.75 


Keystone Country Manor


Specification sheet

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