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  • How much gravel do i need?
    In order to determine how much gravel is required for a project, all we will need is some very simple measurements. Measure the length and the width of the area to be covered. This provides us with the square footage. Next, we need to know how deep you would like to go with the material. Important note, the size of the gravel will affect how deep the area will need to be. Check out our online calculator for an estimate of how much you will need, Or, feel free to call or come in and speak with a product specialist.
  • What is the smallest quantity I can buy?
    All of our bulk materials are sold by the cubic yard. You can buy in quarter yard increments or 1/2 cubic foot bags. All palletized material is sold by the ton, minimum purchase is a pound. Beach Pebble in all varieties, is sold by the ton, but also comes in a 75lb bag. For the most detailed information please speak with a product specialist on our live chat, phone or in store.
  • Do you deliver? And what is the cost?
    e offer delivery for every application you may need, flatbeds, dumps, cranes, end dumps & super dumps. KRC Rock charges a fee based on the delivery zip code and type of vehicle being used for the delivery.


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