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Delivery & Packing Options

Meet Our Fleet

30'  Crane Truck

Our crane trucks deliver boulders, bulk material and by request some pallets of material to your site. Any size and shape, our expert operators can turn your project from ordinary to extraordinary

Net Load Approx. 13 Tons

25' Crane Truck

Available to Simply offload your boulders as well as complex placement needed to beautify your project!

Net Load Approx. 12 Tons

10 Wheel Flatbed

Our flatbed trucks can delivery all of our palletized material. As well as, boulders in boulder boxes, rebar and anything else you may need for your next landscaping project!

Net Load Approx. 14 Tons

18 Wheel Flatbed

Among the most popular modes of delivery is our flatbeds. With the ability to deliver multiple products at once, its the go to truck for homeowners and contractors alike!

Net Load Approx. 16-20 Tons

Packing Options

Truck & Transfer

The Truck & Transfer is capable of delivering large amounts of any product except boulders. This truck can split two different items if desired!

Net Load Approx. 25 Tons

10 Wheel Super Dump

Our super dump is perfect for delivering any bulk material, and specializes in heavy loads of boulders.


Net Load Approx. 12 Tons

Split Dump Truck

Convenience and ease come with our split dump. Shorter and more agile, it can deliver two types of material to your job site!


Net Load Approx. 6 Yards


Our material hoppers are loaded with bulk material and then emptied out similar to a dump truck on your job.



Net Load Approx. 1.5 Yards

Boulder Box

Boulder boxes are used to deliver boulders that are 2' and smaller in size. The box is lifted with the forks on the forlkift and dumped onto your job 

Net Load Approx. 1 Ton

Cobble Box

Cobble boxes are used to enable the crane to deliver bulk material along with your boulders. Similar to a dump truck. 


Net Load Approx. 1 Ton

Super Sack

Large Sacks used to load bulk materials in for a flatbed delivery. 






Net Load Approx. 1.5 Yards



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