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Introducing Boulders Into Your Living Space.

Updated: Aug 15, 2017

Does adding Boulders to your landscape seem mind-boggling & costly? Many people don't have a clue where to start when it comes to placing giant pieces of earth onto their project.

So why use boulders?

Boulders provide variety and character that keep a landscape interesting and unique. Successfully integrating rocks into your landscape turns them into a focal point - each rock being placed to create a specific look and feel. Boulders complete the natural element of the outdoors. Let’s not forget… the greatest advantage of using boulders in your project is that they will never need watering, trimming, or maintenance.

Once you have decided to add boulders into your living space, the next steps include choosing the variety, shape, color and size.

Boulders are available in many colors, including various shades of pink, gold, brown, gray, tan, green and many combinations in between Finding a combination of colors and shapes that suits your needs will narrow your choices.

To simplify things, boulders generally come in two different styles: Angular, which have jagged, blasted edges and flat faces, boxy or rectangular shapes and may be composed of, but not limited to Granite,Quartzite, Sandstone and Basalt.

Round, such as water washed or river run granite, are generally composed of decomposing granite and Sandstone.


The next question is, “How Big?”, a crucial factor to consider. If the boulders you choose are too small, they may be lost once surrounding plants reach their mature size or your boulders may look insignificant compared to other features of the landscape. Conversely, if you choose boulders that are too big, they may dwarf other landscape features or just look out of place. A good rule of thumb is to place your boulders in odd numbers and groupings, and vary your sizes.

Now that you have chosen your boulders the next question, probably one most ask, "how do I get this to my job site and placed where I need them?" KRC Rock was founded on our BPU (Boulder Placement Unit) The BPU allows for precision placement and leaves the hard work to us.

Our Largest BPU has a 30ft reach, enabling you to place boulders all over your project. Contact a product specialist for the most accurate details on what the BPU can and can not do.

Come in to one of our 3 locations to see our selection of boulders and to get some ideas to kick start your next project!

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