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Sample Specifications

Combines our natural decomposed granite (D.G.) with a natural, non-toxic, water activated binder to provide a durable, permeable, natural aggregate surface.  Stabilized paths, driveways, event & parking areas are an affordable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to concrete, asphalt, pavers and other hardscape surface materials. Stabilizer binds and locks decomposed granite particles to provide a durable natural aggregate surface that will more readily resist the erosive effects of weather and traffic.  Activation of this product is accomplished by thoroughly soaking the material in place and then compacting. Once dry, this surface will reabsorb a limited amount of water and remain porous, yet will retain its firmness, even in wet conditions.
S.D.G. Driveway   Stabilized D.G. Pathway
Stabilized D.G. Driveway
Sample Specification (DOC 120 KB) <<
  Stabilized D.G. Pathway
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Combines our natural decomposed granite (D.G.) with a combination of engineered polymers in a totally waterless process.  It provides a dustless, non permeable, natural looking surface for pathways, patios, driveways, and plazas.  This unique process allows for greater creativity in design applications, and provides solutions for demanding traffic projects.
Stalok Decomposed Granite
Stalok Driveway, Fire Lanes, Roads,
Parking Lots Sample Specification (DOC 116 KB) <<